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• Do you know what your "Internet Reputation" is saying about your company? Bogus complaint sites, ex-employees and competitors can EASILY post and defame your business in minutes. Let my team analyze and FIX bad comments that will increase your internet rankings and drive more business to you.

• How many LOCAL business owners are wasting their hard earned money on advertising and marketing that simply does not convert? Google Adwords is one of the most overlooked and super effective systems to drive laser targeted internet traffic to your website and business. Contact me if this sounds like you…

• Specialties: Traditional roll outs of new products and services are becoming harder everyday. We are certified product launch managers that will take your products/services to the next level using the "Product Launch Formula" created by Jeff Walker.

• Google, Yahoo Advertising that works. Website E-Commerce stores, internet marketing, email marketing, relationship building with customers, how NOT to market on the internet.

• Product Launch Manager – Don't here a "thud" or the "cone of silence" after launching a new product or service. There is a systematic way to create buzz, hype, scarcity and finally sales to your prospects that line up to BUY. Think "Apple™".


Ralph Watkins
Developer of Webinaragogo.com | Business and Marketing Coach | Webinar and Presentation Developer and Automator

Keith Crovatt is THE authority on Pay-per-click advertising and driving traffic to your websites and landing pages. He listened to our needs and created precisely the campaign that we needed for a recent project. His work and explanations were thorough, and he displayed the highest integrity in all aspects of his involvement with our project. We plan to use him again, and I highly recommend his services to you or your organization.

Brett Martinson
Owner, Prospector Business Results

I've had the pleasure of meeting Keith over our shared interest of Internet Marketing.

Keith has been a long-standing moderator of our forum of more then 8000 members, helping us answer questions, maintain the organization of content and posting on the forum, and monitoring for spam and other negative behaviour.

In that time we've also discussed business, strategies, and feedback on ideas and projects. Keith is a pleasure to work with and a sharing individual who cares as much about your business and goals as if it were his own. Thanks Keith!


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