Is There Such A Thing As Free Publicity Today?

Most companies prefer not to spend too much on their advertising these days as it is one of the few things that they are unable to quantify the return on using it.   Alright you may be able to draw more people in through an advertising campaign just carried out.   But just how many of these were motivated to do so by your marketing or happened to stumble across your business?   In fact it can prove difficult making sense of any marketing returns and unless you are assured that the technique you use will work then it is unwise to commit too much money to such a project.

So what is the solution?  Are you able to advertise for free?   To some extent the answer to this question is yes.   Of course you don’t need to spend money advertising your business, but it does make things a lot easier when you do.   For those who would like to be able to advertise their business without spending too much then it is important to have a good marketing strategy in place.   You can use word of mouth marketing in which you get members of staff to sell your business to friends and family.   But of course the problem with this is that these people may already be customers because they are being loyal to their friends.   Another way to get your business in the public eye is through participating in events in your community wearing something with your company’s logo on it.  But this is a real hit and miss strategy to use at the best of times.   When you want to market yourself without spending too much then the best way would be probably to show your value to the community through offering deals especially for schools and offices allowing you to show your community spirit.   Although it may end up costing you money it is will prove to be a very sound marketing strategy if it helps to create new business for your company.

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