Now Is Not The Time For Being Modest

Today there not many advertisements to be seen on TV that can be accused of being understated, when they are trying to push a certain product.    The whole idea of such advertisements is to ensure that the service or product name is being placed directly in front of its potential customers eyes.   Ideally it is best if you can do so without it resembling a market robot and have the brand name repeated endlessly, but his is much harder than you may think.

The main thing to remember is that you should avoid being too modest.  Okay people do like a bit of modesty as it helps to create a buzz as people think that we aren’t telling them everything.   Yet you will still find that people hate it when someone chooses to tell others loudly about their good qualities.   In fact in marketing things tend not to work in this way and promoting your product by asking them to try it, saying it is quite good and it will help, and buying it is up to them or just asking them to buy it please is a sure way to see your marketing strategy fail.

What you have to do is show the people that your product is right for them, but you must do it without looking as if you are pressurizing them into making a purchase.   Striking the right balance takes some thought.  You need to explain why the product is useful to them and the ways in which it can make life easier for them.   Giving it due prominence is another issue altogether and will be dependent on who you want to reach.   So in order to identify these people you need to come up with an effective target strategy.

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