Is pester power what you need?

When it comes to marketing the thing that you need to remember is that you need to be able to make an impact on the consciousness of people you are attempting to sell to.   How this is done is much less relevant than the way in which it is actually done.   Some would say that putting advertising on a tank as it rampages through a defenseless small nation can create good publicity.  Even though it is associated with something bad it will be seen both in the newspapers and on TV.   So the phrase “There is no such thing as bad publicity” has been gaining strength and is actually true.   Lots of companies will advertise products using advertisements that don’t have much to recommend them except that people find them very annoying and so stick in our minds.    Although people may remember the advertisements will they actually end up purchasing the product?   Certainly this is something any marketer has to consider when looking to publicize a product.   Yes people may be quoting the dialogue from an advertisement to one another but aren’t actually going and purchasing the product then there is something wrong.

When marketing you need to remind people that there is a purchase to be made and if it means annoying them to do so then make sure you offer a hit of the benefits to purchasing it.   Those who spend any amount of time in online forums will be familiar with trolls.   These engage people in arguments that are pointless then disappear from view so leaving the other person angry and unsure.   Make sure that your advertisement isn’t a troll, in fact if you intend to irritate people with your advertisement then make it worthwhile.

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